Am I a feminist?

You Me and Lulu

Ive never really thought much about feminism, never really paid much attention to the debate of feminist and what they stand for. Heck I barely even know what feminism means.

I mean yeah Ive always believed that even though men and woman are very different, we are all equal, no sex is above the other. But Ive never considered myself a feminist.

Recently however Ive had to ask myself “am I more of a feminist that I thought”?

When looking for books,I find myself annoyed with all the ones that have weak female charectors. Woman that were misreable, insecure “ugly”, lost souls, until a big beautiful man swept them off their feet. Im sick to death of the hundreds of books about sexy millionairs who sweep in and dominate some poor female, who had no life before them. No. I want to read about the fierce, strong woman who saves…

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Am I a feminist?

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