Bill O’Reilly’s Race Problem



I seriously don’t understand the mindset of (some) conservatives these days. It seems like most of them are lost in a realm outside the space of reality. But what’s really frustrating, as a man of color, is their insistence that racism is primarily a thing of the past. Yet, most racists tend to lean toward the side of conservatism. The Council of Conservative Citizens is an excellent example from looking at the name alone. Still, some on the right continuously declare themselves to be anything but racist, even if and when their racism is unleashed.

Bill O’Reilly, the golden child of the Fox News propaganda machine seems to believe intensely that America is not a racist nation. Even more crazy is that he’s willing to go to war for it against the those who want to have honest race conversations.

Wes Williams at Addicting Info writes:

O’Reilly is outraged, OUTRAGED, he…

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Bill O’Reilly’s Race Problem

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