Confederate Flag’s Stained Heritage of Hate

Envisioning The American Dream

collage Jim Crow era sign and  Confederate flag To those who lived under Jim Crow laws there was no doubting the message or symbolism of the flag.

For those who still insist that the Confederate flag is a mere symbol of southern heritage and not one of hate, it should come as no surprise to the rest of us to whom it symbolizes and evokes years of Black oppression.

Racism and denial run deep in our culture

After the Civil War the symbol of the Confederate flag may have been a source of southern pride and heritage used primarily  at veterans events  to commemorate fallen Confederate soldiers, but nearly 60 years later, the battle flag of General Robert E.Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia got co-opted by White supremacists, becoming the very emblem of racism displayed at cross burnings and lynchings.

I Don’t Know Nuthin About Racism

collage vintage ad happy Black butler and vintage photo of slave Long immortalized in movies, books and advertising these media representations of gracious…

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Confederate Flag’s Stained Heritage of Hate

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