GOD Is Women

Learning and Earning

There is a an ever present duality in the world. Where there is darkness, light will come. Where it rains, the sun will shine. Where we find poverty, we will see wealth not too far. Where we find woman with a full belly, we can see the birth of man. As I look at space and light, I see the duality of Woman and Man. e66aca9092295180313341617ba8d3b3

I think the entire universe and everything in it is God. When I look to war, I see God attacking itself. In a way, we are an internal battle of God finding peace within self. God is the ultimate form of creation. Women, from a young age, know they are the key to the existence of life. Life cannot continue without women. Somehow, in all the glory of God, we can see women recreate the entire human evolution process in nine months. It is completely…

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GOD Is Women

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