Gods & Generals & Flags

Just Realism

It is necessary to speak on the flag controversy. I know how many people, especially libertarians and others who are “anti-establishment” think: this issue is a distraction. While we argue over the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (and not the Confederate national flag, which no one flies), the government is passing dangerous trade bills and undermining American sovereignty, etc. Well, there’s next to nothing we can do about any of that right now. And I guarantee that people who care about the flag issue are generally the sort of people who care about politics in general, while people who don’t understand/don’t care about history probably don’t care much about current events either.

So, here are my thoughts on all of this:

1. The battle flag means many things. It only represents racism for those who want it to. It only represents “treason” to people think that governments…

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Gods & Generals & Flags

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