“I wouldn’t want that fate for my son.”

Rainbows, butterflies and other terrible things.

Today I went to the dentist. No big deal, just clean teeth, people in masks and a bright light shining in my face. However, the dental assistant was a slight problem.

She points to the tattoo on my wrists and asks what it means. It’s a map of the world, no real meaning to it besides the fact that I like it and I plan to travel. She begins to go on about her friend from high school. She explains she hasn’t seen her since, but they’re Facebook friends and talk via comments, messenger and friendly “likes.” However, as she’s describing this friend, she goes on to talk about how the lady is traveling. Then, in a hushed whisper, she says that she’s a lesbian.

Now, there’s NOTHING wrong with being part of the LGBT community, at all. I understand that some people are stupid, scared, and uneducated. As she…

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“I wouldn’t want that fate for my son.”

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