Institutionalized, Racism among Millennials

State Senate District 5 Gwinnett

Last week, the United States was given a harrowing reminder of her dark past and her troubling present. A man by the name of Dylann Roof committed an act of terrorism in Charleston, South Carolina against nine African Americans in the historic Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal church on the anniversary of a failed slave revolt by Denmark Vesey after seven months of planning. This man is 21, driven by a white supremacist ideology, and part of a generation we often state is less racist and prejudiced than prior generations. So, how does a millennial become so radicalized in a color blind post-racial society?

One explanation is that our society is neither color blind nor post-racial and that the myth of a color blind post-racial society has allowed millennials to avoid directly addressing their prejudices. Some social scientist posit that millennials actually harbor just as many racial stereotypes as their parents…

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Institutionalized, Racism among Millennials

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