It’s Not about the Flag

Faith Scribbles

It seems that we whites constantly corral racism into pockets of problems so as to avoid the fundamental issue of its pervasiveness in our society.  If we can blame the hate groups, the confederate flags at state capitols, the few racists who publicly use the N-word or tell racist jokes, then we can escape having to confront the whole scope of it in ourselves and our whole social structure.  We have been deflecting responsibility by blaming others since the garden of Eden.  And at least Christians should feel enough shame to abandon this false narrative.

Here is a great interview you should read, which says in part:

“The Klan didn’t come up with mass incarceration and police violence. People who were acculturated into seeing black and brown people differently are the people who created that problem.  I think we kind of let too many people off the hook by demonizing the…

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It’s Not about the Flag

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