Learning LGBT

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Actually I had no intention on writing tonight (yes, it’s 8.30 pm already). Something clung to my mind, however. And I need to warn myself that this isn’t one simple thing to be talked about. I don’t even expect to talk about this with my family because this isn’t familiar to us. I bet they’d get muddled if I explained everything that I’ve just read and watched.

Yup, I’m learning LGBT from literature and short clips rendered by youtube. I knew that my sister had a best gay friend but they never really talked about their sexuality. Or maybe she just kept it as their confidential matter.

To be honest, I was bewildered at first knowing some people were born this way. I assume you’d roll your eyes and say ‘Duh!‘ But let me clarify that I learned things socially, not scientifically. Most probably I think this way…

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Learning LGBT

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