moral panics and rape hysteria


Rape hysteria creates horrible injustices, depriving the accused of due process (those accused of rape on campus), or depriving people of their good name based on associations and prejudice (Catholic priests). The hysteria is not just stupid, it is fundamentally unjust.
And here is my big issue: when people are being not just normally stupid, but slack-jawed-and-drooling stupid at the service of injustice, then I doubt their motives. It is a willful stupidity serving a nefarious cause. The argument being employed by the campus-hysterics “women don’t lie about rape so they must always be believed” is not reason-based but power-based: it is cult thinking and thought stopping. It is designed to crush dissent and opposition and remove the rights of the accused. (dp monahan)

In the UK, 11% of rapes are reported to the police, and in the USA only 2% of rapists are convicted. I’m familiar with…

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moral panics and rape hysteria

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