Re-inventing Feminism in Britain?

Old Woman Thinking

UnknownimagesUnknown-1Feminism is a-happening in Britain in the guise of a brand new party, The Women’s Equality Party. According to Maclean’s Magazine, it is the brainchild of American Journalist, Catherine Mayer, and other unlikely suspects: to wit the Danish/British stand up comedian, Sandi Toksvig, who has quit her job at a BBC4 Radio show, Politics Quiz, to work on the new party full time. And so far, everybody loves them.

What do these women want? They want a world in which women are equal in the literal sense of the word: equal numbers to men in Parliament, in boardrooms, and, possibly, prisons. I’m joking. I actually think this is all well and good, and the new party might just manage to move the ‘debate’ on equality in a positive direction. Like the Greens do, for the environmental cause. Except that we’ve been here before and, quite frankly, there’s nothing new in…

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Re-inventing Feminism in Britain?

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