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Edge Pieces

M is taking Lego robotics this week.  She’s been dying to take it for quite a while now; she loves Legos, and she loves robots.  Her two other classes this summer, swimming and acting, have been primarily composed of girls, but this one wasn’t.

The first day, we went into the room, met by a throng of excitedly chattering boys and a female teacher.  M stood outside their circle for a moment, twirling the hem of her pink dress with her finger, and then wedged her way into the circle.  “What do you think we’ll make?” she asked.  “I love Legos.  I got a bunch for my birthday. Have you watched Ninjago?”   The boys stepped back, turned to look at her, took in her dress and purple sparkly flip flops.  They were quiet for a moment.

Then, one of them smiled and said, “I love Ninjago!”

Another: “Have you done…

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Science Girl

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