So I Just Saw Pixar’s Inside Out

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Despite my deep and abiding love for action movies, I am not a regular theater goer.  It’s expensive to go see a movie, so Rachael and I typically reserve this particular kind of outing for occasions when we can go with friends and turn it into a more social evening.  Besides that, there might be one movie a year that I decide is worth going to see while it’s still in theaters.  The one shining exception to these basic rules is when Pixar releases a new movie; that studio has released so many great films over their history that we’re willing to pay to see their work immediately regardless of the movie’s eventual reputation (this has only steered us wrong once when we went to see Brave, which was a perfectly good Disney movie, but wasn’t really on par with what Pixar normally offers).

Given all of this, as…

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So I Just Saw Pixar’s Inside Out

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