The Plea

Inky Nymph

Respected Supreme Court of India,

Owing to the basic tendecy (reduced yet unavoidable) of us, the East to derive notions and lifestyles from the West, how about attempting it this time, for the sake of humanity and love? Yes, I’m talking about this big decision of the Supreme Court of USA that legalizes ‘Same-Sex Marriage‘. This date of June 26, 2015 finally restores itself to one of the most glorious pages of American history. Why just the Americans? Myself being a devoted Indian, is shaking pompoms with my every hands of pompous celebration.

While I read Barack Obama speaking from the White House, declaring the decision “a victory for America“, my heart weeps as I remember reading the various sexist comments by our Prime Minister, Mr. Modi. While my eyes glitter watching the LGBT supporters sing the American Anthem with joy, my heart weeps as I…

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The Plea

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