Thoughts about a Racist White “Friend”

The Rose Laden Magdalene

Yesterday I unfriended a high school friend on Facebook. I’m Facebook friends with a few conservative family members, in-laws, and even past friends who took a hard turn towards the right. Because this every now and then I end up with something hateful or condescending (usually towards POC, low wage earners, or LGBT) on my news-feed. This sort of stuff really makes me want to punch a hole in the wall, so for my sanity sake I’ve using the unfriending and unfollowing features on Facebook a lot lately.

When the Charleston Shooting happened I knew due to past experiences, someone was eventually going to say something about it that crossed the line.

This someone was a high school friend. We shared a lunch table for a grade or two, and she was one of the only people in my Church’s youth group that I regularly talked to. She was never…

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Thoughts about a Racist White “Friend”

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