To Be a Black Woman

Les Reveries de Rowena

Sometimes certain events cause me to reflect on my experiences. I’ve had such an experience recently, thinking about Black womanhood and what it means to be a Black woman in the West. I contemplated things I’ve faced, and how I’ve grown. Through speaking to my other Black female friends and family members, reading blogs and other autobiographical  writing, it was affirmed to me just how hard it is to be a Black woman; it truly does involve struggle, both internal and external, inside the community and outside of it.

It’s disheartening when our experiences aren’t listened to, when we as Black women, marginalized people, have to fight and struggle to have our voices heard, to confirm that we have feelings and emotions, to prove that we’re worthy and that we are not caricatures but living, breathing beings. Many of us were  raised between cultures and are caught in the middle, yet our struggles have made us stronger and…

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To Be a Black Woman

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