Twenty things I’ve learnt…

Free range kidz


We are just about 7 months post diagnosis.

Son number 2 is 5 months old, the school year is around the corner, a new school with a specialist unit for son number 1 will usher in the next school year in September.

Inspired by this blog “20 things I’ve learnt (so far) on my Autism Parent journey” on Bacon and Juice Boxes, I thought I’d pen my own. Before I do, Jerry (the writer and autism parent behind Bacon and Juice Boxes) makes two points.

1. God has a sense of human

2. There is a bigger plan

I believe God does have a sense of humour, I see it as part of his character, a warm character. The sense of humour I see in God is not a point and laugh one but a laugh with you one. Lets call it gallows humour, maybe. Here’s the thing with God and…

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Twenty things I’ve learnt…

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