White Privilege Over Black Lives

Writer With A Drinking Problem

(AP Photo/David Goldman) (AP Photo/David Goldman)

June.  It’s the month I look forward to all year.  I celebrate my birthday in June.  There’s usually a cake, presents and 1.75 liter bottles of booze, you know the good stuff you only buy when there’s a special occasion.  However, my joy of turning 27 was short-lived and replaced with a deep feeling of melancholy.  This June nine lives were lost in the hands of a white supremacist.  While the victims families mourned the death of their loved ones, the accused killer, who according to a police chief was “polite” and “quiet” while in custody, was treated to Burger King. Just let that sink in.

Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray and countless other unarmed African-American males were murdered.  These VICTIMS weren’t described by police officials as polite or quiet.  Instead photos of Martin surfaced showing the teen with ‘grillz’ and raising his middle…

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White Privilege Over Black Lives

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