With Love and Equality for all

60Shades OfPurple

Today my big sister, best friend for life, finally became a equal citizen. As did my uncle, best friend, and so many more of the amazing people in my life. I’m so proud of this accomplishment. I am so proud that Love won. I am also proud of the fight that has been being going on longer than I’ve been alive.Hard work pays off. I have been crying for like an hour. Joy. So much joy!

I don’t blog about my family very much, but I will say that my sister has been my best friend since birth. We are always there for each other. We are supportive on a variety of levels for one another. She got married in December to her wife. They eloped and I wasn’t allowed to be at the wedding, but in the end it didn’t matter. She was in love and Our state finally…

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